Powered GPS Equipment Tracking

Serving Midland, Odessa, & the greater Permian Basin area.

Are you operating equipment such as pumps, generators, and light towers in remote locations? JAM SkyForce can provide you with GPS solutions that could reduce operational costs for equipment in these remote area. JAM SkyForce’s tracking equipment can provide accurate location, run-time, and maintenance reports.

Manage Locations and Usage of Your Assets

  • Reduce operating costs:These systems help you to collect data for monthly usage reports, examine idle assets, monitor unauthorized usage, and review the run time for maintenance purposes.
  • Multiple hardware options: You can have satellite devices for worldwide coverage; choose from additional input options; pick from battery-powered or in-feed power options; and take advantage of a rugged, watertight housing that can be used in multiple environments.
  • Tracked assets:Our devices can help you track light towers, generators, pumps, compressors, power units, heavy equipment, power packs, and more.

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