Fleet Tracking, Equipment Tracking & GPS Tracking

Asset management for Midland, Odessa, & the greater Permian Basin area

JAM SkyForce offers our innovative asset management technology to help better manage your business. Whether you own a small or worldwide business, you can benefit from our GPS tracking, fleet tracking, equipment tracking and other asset management systems and solutions.


JAM SkyForce offers our innovative technology to help better manage your business. Whether you own a small or worldwide business, you can benefit from our GPS tracking systems and solutions.

  • Maximize equipment use
  • Efficiently retrieve and dispatch using our GPS fleet tracking
  • Have the ability to perform remote inventory in a snap with our equipment tracking
  • Eliminate invoice discrepancies
  • Keep drivers and materials safe with our fleet tracking
  • Increase asset velocity with our asset management

When you run a construction business, you understand that time is money. You need projects to move quickly and everyone to be working efficiently so you can get everything completed on time and stay within budget. JAM SkyForce’s GPS tracking solutions will help you with many aspects of asset management. Our mobile applications can help you manage timelines and make managing your workers and equipment much easier.

  • Have the ability to perform remote inventory in a snap using our fleet & equipment tracking
  • Reduce unauthorized use of your equipment by monitoring with our GPS tracking
  • Prolong the life of your equipment with GPS equipment tracking
  • Lower your insurance costs
  • Locate your equipment more efficiently using GPS tracking
  • Eliminate invoice discrepancies with our asset management solutions



Do you want to save on input costs and improve your workers’ and equipment’s performance? Better planning and decision making is possible with the help of JAM SkyForce’s GPS tracking solutions. This will help your company thrive by allowing you to reduce the time and money that would otherwise be wasted.

  • Track your equipment and recover lost or stolen equipment more easily using GPS tracking
  • Manage labor costs better
  • Prolong the life of your equipment
  • Reduce fuel consumption and labor costs
  • Verify service completion

We understand the chaos of fleet management in field operations. If you want to run a safer and more efficient business, let JAM SkyForce’s innovative GPS tracking help you.

  • Have the ability to perform remote inventory in a snap using our asset management applications
  • Maximize the utilization of your equipment
  • Eliminate invoice discrepancies
  • Decrease waiting times for your equipment and vehicles
  • Keep drivers and materials safe
  • Increase your service efficiency



What better way is there to track your productivity, efficiency, and profitability than with a state-of-the-art GPS tracking devices? Here at JAM SkyForce, we like to help our clients extend the life of their mining equipment while also enhancing the safety of their workers. Whether you have a large or small business, our GPS technology can make a real positive change in your day- to-day operations.

  • Enhance safety and increase production using our asset management tools
  • Boost your production costs
  • Minimize downtime on the job
  • Have the ability to perform remote inventory in a snap
  • Track your activity on private roads using fleet tracking

There are many companies that deliver GPS tracking to San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City & the nearby areas, but Jam SkyForce is the only company that has a single, dedicated agent assigned to your specific account. This means personal accountability and custom service from a person you know and trust. No wasted time troubleshooting. No waiting on hold for assistance. It's your agent dedicated to your company's security. If you need asset location, billing verification or compliance management, our experienced, dedicated agents are ready and available to provide you with the personal attention you deserve.

  • Excessive speeders? Get instant text message or email alerts when an employee goes over a designated speed limit with our advanced fleet tracking.
  • Idle drivers mean money wasted. With Jam SkyForce, you'll know who has the most idle time
  • See who is using company vehicles after-hours wit our GPS fleet tracking
  • Set up a virtual GeoFence and keep your company vehicles where they need to be
  • Payroll Support: Our weekly In/Out Reports every payday help validate your time cards
  • Heat signature tracking
  • Minute-by-minute GPS tracking of every vehicle in your fleet
  • Start-Stop Reports let you know every time a unit is turned on or off
  • Full Telemetry Reports: Know battery voltage, idle time, motion time, engine run time, and GPS odometer readings
  • Get GPS tracking for all of your field equipment using GT-1 Units - the toughest and safest trackers in the market



Although we believe that Geoforce’s GPS tracking devices are rather easy to self-install, we are more than happy to send a team out to install them for you. Our trained field service technicians are knowledgeable on how to properly install each device regardless of what type of equipment you need us to install it on!

  • Pre-deployment planning
  • Engineering assessments
  • On-site installations
  • Battery replacements
  • Troubleshooting
  • Trained field service technicians
  • Commercial terms based on day rate

Here at JAM SkyForce we want our customers to get the most out of the software and devices we sell them. Our professionals are more than happy to give you insight about the products, show you how to use them, and discuss how to avoid potential problems. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service.

  • Webinars, videos, user guides, and online help
  • Covers initial configuration, basic training, and specialized applications
  • Performed by our representatives
  • Coordinated with on-site hardware installation
  • We deliver the highest level of support expected in the field
  • Each inquiry is tracked
  • Available 24/7 for technical support, and inquiries are responded to within hours
  • If an issue with hardware cannot be resolved immediately, we'll ship a replacement if still under warranty



As a business owner or business manager, you know your business and your equipment better than anyone else. If you know that you want to use Geoforce’s GPS tracking solutions, but the standard solutions just won’t work for your needs, that’s okay. That is why we offer integrations and customizations to help as many people and businesses as we can to improve your asset management.

  • GPS tracking data can be fed to your ERPs
    • Choose Push or Pull in various formats for data feeds
        We can also consume data from 3 rd party ERPs
      • Create specialized reports for your asset management
      • Upload custom map layers that are particular to your business
      • Incorporate RFID and bar code through hybrid solutions

JAM SkyForce are experts in equipment tracking and asset management in oilfield operations. With our years of experience and knowledge we are able to help a range of businesses including service, rental, and operating companies. We give you the asset management tools that can deliver a true ROI.

  • Asset management and GPS tracking that utilizes ROI analysis
  • Installing equipment tracking and fleet tracking devices using best practices and alternatives
  • Project management for asset management and tracking initiatives
  • Best practices for intrinsic safety in explosive environments
  • Architecture for enterprise solutions using GPS tracking data
  • Identifying problem areas in asset management
  • Create specifications and requirements for global initiatives



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